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Курсы по музыке [Chick Corea] Master Class (2022)

Автор: Chick Corea
Название: Master Class (2022)


Chick has had many people come to him over the years with questions.​

The questions he’d receive the most seemed to be common to a handful of areas:
  • How to improve one’s instrumental technique
  • How to learn and use music notation
  • How to work with chord symbols
  • How to compose or “originate” one’s own music Improving one’s ability to improvise
  • How to compose and arrange music properly
  • How to organize one’s workflow as a musician
  • What one can do to “find his own voice"
He set about to answer these questions and more by writing the book, A Work in Progress… On Being a Musician.
But even having done so, there was still so much ground to cover on these topics and numerous others. And as the name “A Work in Progress” indicates, learning new ways and reforming old ways with the objective of continued improvement is a constant activity.
While Chick doesn’t have as his purpose to “teach” art, he does enjoy helping others wherever he can. And from his experience, he knows that there are, indeed, workable approaches and techniques that one can use to improve one’s craft.
And much, much more!